ECML programme 2008-2011


Competences – Networks – Impact – Quality
The new ECML programme (2008-2011) takes place against the backdrop of major international developments in the sphere of education (e.g. the “White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue” of the Council of Europe as a contribution to the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008). Within this political context there is increasing demand on the professional skills of teachers who are expected to contribute to national education reform processes. Concrete challenges are: standard-linked tuition, result-oriented assessment, greater autonomy of educational institutions and increasing ethnic and cultural heterogeneity among students.

The ECML's new programme contains 20 projects which, in different ways, aim to help teachers respond to such demands – “empowering” them by enhancing their competences and enabling them to have greater impact on their professional environment.

The projects are divided into four thematic areas:

Continuity in language learning
Content and language education
Plurilingual education

Programme objectives:


  1. Enhancing the professional competence of language teachers
  2. Strengthening professional networks and the wider community of language educators
  3. Enabling language professionals to have greater impact on reform processes
  4. Contributing to better quality of language education in Europe

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