Programme objectives

Enhancing the professional competence of language teachers

ECML activities seek not only to encourage teachers and other actors in language education to acquire new knowledge in their field of expertise, but also, and even more importantly, to see that this knowledge is put into effective practice in their working environment. Through this process of professional development, individual language experts will be able to make a better contribution to change and innovation in their work. Support for language professionals as agents of change is therefore a direct investment in higher quality language learning.

Strengthening professional networks and the wider community of language educators

The dissemination of the major principles and instruments promoting enhanced standards in language education developed by the European organisations can only be achieved via effective information and communication structures. The sharing of knowledge, ideas and initiatives throughout the wider professional community of practice will have a powerful impact on the content and quality of the work of the individual, on overall developments in theory and practice, and on the cohesion of the educational community and its public profile.

Enabling language professionals to have greater impact on reform processes

The ECML’s support for language education professionals and their networks will help teachers play a more influential role in their professional environment. They will also be better equipped to participate effectively in the consultations involved in decision-making processes.

Contributing to better quality of language education in Europe

Through the improved competences, stronger networks and greater impact of its members, the language-teaching profession will become more actively involved in improving standards in language education.